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  • iPhone 5s Charger & iPhone 5c Charger

    If you are lucky owner of a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, you will want to consider a backup lightning charger for your new iPhone. The 1-meter lightning cable that comes with your iPhone 5s/5c is handy - but what about at work, school, the car - all the places you need power. It's convenient to have an extra charger, and fortunately there are a lot of options to choose from.

    In the Car: An iPhone 5c & iPhone 5s Charger

    Like most of us, you forget to charge your iPhone at home, or you use it for music in the car. That puts a heavy drain on the battery and you want to keep it powered up on the go. For your car, you can either go with a car charger with a dedicated lightning connector, or a lightning cable with a USB car charger attachment.

    They both have their merits. The dedicated lightning cable car charger means you'll never be searching for the lightning cable - it's connected. But the cable and USB adapter combo means you have an extra lightning cable if you need it. A few of the car chargers have second USB ports to enable you to charge more than one device at a time.

    View iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c Car Chargers Here

    MFi Certified Micro-Size Car Charger with Lightning Connector by iLuv
    The micro-sized Lightning Car Charger by iLuv
    The Dual Car Charger w Lightning to USB Cable by Belkin
    The Lightning Home/Car Charger Kit by Belkin
    The PowerBolt™ Fast Charge Lightning Cable by Kensington

    At Home: The Short & Long iPhone 5s & 5c Charger

    At home or at work, you may find the standard 1 meter cable to be either lacking, or too long for your needs. In that case, there are long and short lightning cable chargers available for your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. From a 6-inch cable, to a 3-meter long cable (10 feet), you have options available. The 6-inch lightning chargers are available in white or black. Next up in size are colorful variety of 4-foot-long lightning cables, available in white, black, green, blue, pink, purple and red. Moving up in size again you have the 2-meter long lightning cables in white or black. And then the longest lightning cable available, a 3-meter long lightning cable, again in white or black.

    MFi Certified 6inch Lightning to USB ChargeSync Cable - White by Belkin
    6-Inch Lightning Cable by Belkin
    Colorful 4-foot long Lightning Cable by Belkin
    2-meter long Lightning cable by Belkin
    3-meter longer Lightning Cable by Belkin

    In addition to the multi-length lightning cables, USB wall adapters are available for charging your iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s wall outlet. Belkin has a a colorful variety of USB wall chargers, perfect for keeping your iPhone charged up at home, work or while traveling.

    All together, there are a ton of different iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s charger options available to you. Check out our available Lightning Cables using the links below:

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