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  • Best iPhone 5c Accessories

    Apple’s fun new iPhone 5c is the first time they’ve brought a color spectrum to their iPhone lineup. The 5c is a feature-packed phone that works hand-in-hand with the new iOS 7. Although this iPhone is brand-new, there are still great accessories available to help you make the most of your new iPhone. In addition to 5c cases, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the gear below to deck out your iPhone 5c.


    Prisma Bluetooth Home SpeakersBric Connect BlueTooth Portable Speaker by Edifier

    Speakers for music are an absolute necessity. What good is streaming music if you can’t hear it out loud? For home use, check out Bluetooth wireless home stereo speakers like the Prisma or Spinnaker speakers. Both are beautiful speaker systems that will complement any décor. If you want to take you music to go, a rechargeable Bluetooth wireless speaker is a great bet. Some even have built-in microphones so you can make and receive phone calls directly through the speaker. Or, for the ultimate in portability, the Chill Pill speaker line offers compact size and big sound.

    Alarm Clocks

    No, it's not an earthquake it's just my alarm clock. Tick Tock Bluetooth Clock - Black by Edifier

    Shake yourself from slumber with the Bluetooth Dual-Alarm Shaker Clock. With a special vibrating attachment that goes underneath your mattress, you are sure get up on time. And with the flexibility of multiple alarms, everyone can set their own wake-up time. For the more traditional route, the Tick-Tock Series offers a standard alarm appearance, with the addition of a powerful Bluetooth speaker. Both of these alarm clocks allow you to awake to music from your iPhone 5c.


    ROCKefeller hi-fi earphone w SpeakEZ remoteJust the right fit for your ears

    Step up your in-ear audio with a new pair of headphones to get the most from your iPhone 5c. Most come with an inline mic/remote so you can control the music, answer calls and adjust the volume without pulling your iPhone out. But all offer a rich aural experience, with deep bass and clear highs. Made from high-tech materials, they keep unwanted distractions out and only let the sounds you want in.

    Docking Station

    RokDock for iPhone 5/5s/5c - Natural by Rokform MFi Certified Charge + Sync Dock for iPhone 5/5s/5c by Belkin

    Every iPhone 5c needs a home base. A safe place to sit, recharge and sync. A lightning dock provides just that place. Put it next to your computer, your bed or at your office and keep your iPhone 5c visible, fully charged and safe from slipping off the table. The RokDocks are high-end machined aluminum and provide a very solid and distinct appearance. Belkin also makes a very nice iPhone 5c dock, which come is a variety of colors. The RokDock does not include a lightning cable, but the Belkin dock has one built-in.

    Tripod Stand

     Flex - Flexible Tripod by iStabilizerGripTight GorillaPod Stand - Black/Charcoal

    You know you’re going to take a lot of pictures with your iPhone 5c. If you really want to maximize the quality, you will need a tripod. There are a few built just for iPhones: the Flex and two versions of the GripTight. All of these work with or without a case, and they will securely hold your iPhone 5c in place, allowing you to get the most shake-free photo possible.


    Are there more iPhone 5c accessories available? Of course there are! These are just a few of the ones we feel are really fun and useful. Feel free to browse the rest here.

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