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  • Best iPhone 5s Accessories

    Apple’s newest premier iPhone, the 5s, is out and selling out around the world. With a new processor, new colors, updated features and the Touch ID fingerprint reader. This new iPhone is getting rave reviews from around the web, with reviewers and users applauding the features, functionality and design. You were either one of the lucky few to grab one in stores when it launched, or you waited anywhere from a week to a month to receive your 5s. Now that you have it, make sure you grab some great accessories to go along with that shiny new iPhone.

    Battery Case


    The iPhone 5s battery has slightly more capacity than the 5, and iOS 7 seems to offer more battery life, but there are still times when you need to keep your iPhone running well beyond its normal runtime. In times like this, if you are travelling or just work longer than normal, it pays to have your iPhone fully functional. For this need, we recommend the Belkin Grip Power battery case. It has enough battery capacity to double your talk time, and it doubles as a protective, stylish case for your iPhone 5s. It also works with the iPhone 5. All iPhone features are available using this battery case, and it is made by one of the biggest names in the iPhone accessory market.

    Device Finder

    If you are anything like us, you spend a lot of time searching for your stuff – your phone, your keys, your iPad and so on. And, even if your iPhone 5s is protected by the Touch ID fingerprint reader, it doesn’t mean someone won’t try to take it if the opportunity presents itself. So, if you can easily tag and track all of your devices, why not do so? The Proximo Starter Kit gives you a key fob, a tag and an App, so you can easily monitor where your keys and iPhone are at all times. You can also set alarms that will go off if the two items go out of range of each other. Easily find your iPhone, or your keys, or add additional tags to track more devices. It’s a simple way to account for all your gear, and reduce the time spent searching.


    Be it in the car, or wherever, it’s often handy to be able to view your iPhone 5s but not be holding it. When you need both hands free, but want to see your iPhone screen, you need a mount to keep it securely in place but still visible. In the car, we like the Glass mount by iStabilizer. It attaches via suction cup to your windshield and is flexible enough to provide the optimal viewing angle. If you use the Rokform iPhone 5s case, the V3 Suction Mount is a more industrial take on an iPhone mount, and attaches via Rokform’s proprietary connector. Another great option is the Viewbase mount/holder, which clamps on to any surface up to 2 inches thick. The Viewbase works well on tables, airplane trays and anywhere else you clamp it to.

    Speakers/Speaker Dock

    Music out loud is always more fun. So, grab some speakers to go wherever you are. The MobiOut Rechargeable series is a great portable, wireless rechargeable speaker. The long battery life, water-resistance and built-in microphone let you take it nearly anywhere and use it for nearly anything – from listening to music to making conference calls. And you can use your cable to charge your iPhone from the MobiOut’s battery. If you want a home docking station, we like the Aud 5 stereo dock by iLuv. The Lightning connector dock charges your iPhone 5s charges as the music plays on.

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