We have compiled a large selection of affordable lightning cables and chargers for your iDevices. Our MFi certified (Made For iPhone, iPad, iPod) and third-party lightning cables and adapters are the perfect replacement or backup chargers for your iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad Air and iPods, and are available in a variety of styles. Check out our long lightning cables in 4-foot, 2-meter and 3-meter lengths, or our short lightning cables. Not to mention our travel kits and lightning car chargers. If you need a specific lightning cable, we have you covered. Please browse our lightning cable products below, or scroll down to read more:

What are the available options for lightning cables?

i-Adapters.com sells several different types of lighting to USB cables, depending on your specific needs and application. The most popular cable right now is the basic lightning cable for iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPad mini, iPad 4 and the newest iPods. It is a 1-meter long cable with a lightning connector on one end and a USB connector on the other. This is the same as the original lightning cable that was provided with your device. We also offer long lightning cables, which come in different lengths: 6 feet, 10 feet and 16 feet (2 meters, 3 meters and 5 meters long). These are useful for applications where you are located far from a power outlet or computer and really need the extra length these lightning cables can provide. A portable and pocket-able option is our retractable lightning cable, which extends to 81 cm, and retracts automatically to a palm-sized package. It is very convenient, and very easy to stow away. Or, if you need a short lightning cable, you can find one here as well with our 6-inch long lightning cables in white and black.

Do you need a specific type of iPhone 5/5s/5c charger, iPad mini charger or iPad 4/Air charger?

If you need a specific type of lightning charger for your iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad 4 or iPad mini, we have you covered as well. Our Travel Bundle contains a 1-meter lightning cable, a USB car charger adapter and a USB wall charger, and is an affordable way to outfit all your lightning charger needs. In addition, we carry dedicated iPhone 5 car chargers, which will also charge your iPad 4 and iPad mini, plus the newest generation of iPods. Our lightning car chargers provide ample output to quickly power up your iDevices. All of our lightning chargers work perfectly with the newest generation of Apple iDevices with lightning connectors, and are priced so they won't break your bank. You spent enough on your iPhone, don't spend too much on the accessories! 

30-pin + Lightning Chargers and Adapters

We now carry an interesting array of chargers and adapters for your 30-pin iDevices as well as lightning connector devices. Our Multi-Charger, Multi-Adapter and Multi-Device Adapter will help cut down the cable clutter by providing one single cable to charge a wide array of 30-pin Apple devices, your new lightning connector iDevice, and even the Samsung Galaxy tablet.

MFi Certified Lightning Cable and Charger

We are adding new certified lightning cable and lightning charger products to our site.  Please check out the MFi certified lightning cables and chargers by top brands like Incipio, Belkin, Gear4, Kensington, Macally, iLuv, Symtek and more - great companies with great products.  MFi certified means that these manufacturers have received direct approval from Apple to produce their lightning cables, eliminating any concerns about compatibility issues. MFi is a delegation from Apple meaning 'Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod.' Our MFi certified lightning cables come in a variety of lengths and styles, including dedicated lightning car chargers and lightning chargers compatible with the iPad 4.

Short, Long and Extra-Long Lightning Cables

If you need a longer lightning cable, we have a selection available for you. Charge or sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod via any USB wall adapter or USB port. If you want an MFi certified long or extra-long lightning cable, we have 2-meter and 3-meter lightning cables from Belkin available now. Additionally, we have 4-foot-long lightning cables in a variety of colors: white, black, blue, green, red, pink and purple. We are continually adding new products as they become available.  Our third-party long and extra-long lightning cables come in 2, 3 and 5 meter lengths - perfect for reaching any far away charge or sync destination. The third-party longer lightning cables are available in white and black.

If you are tired of cable tangles and just need a simple to carry, simple to find lightning cable, then the 6-inch long lightning cable is just what you need.  It's convenient for charging and syncing, and it's pretty hard to tangle up.  Grab one today for an extra lightning charger.